Project Overview


As computer systems become further widespread, this project looks at how technologies can be used to support the welfare of animals housed in the zoo environment in collaboration with Helsinki Zoo. This is taken in a user centered design and playful interaction stance to investigate how we can design computer systems for these animals.

Here we are especially interested in exploring what it means to have animal-driven technologies, and how we can support animals autonomy over the technologies that they use.

Part of this question, and the beginning place of product specifics, is what should the zoo-technology do and how should it be used? To explore what are the requirements in designing and building zoo-technological systems we are also researching how requirements should be formed and gathered from the various perspectives of the people who interact with the animals and from the animals themselves.

  • User-Centered Design

    Taking a new look at what user-centered design means when designing technologies for animals.

  • Requirement Gathering

    Investigating gathering requirements for animals through a process of determining a user expectation’s for these stake holders, and what this means for our animal users.

  • Co-Designing with Animals

    Developing new methods and frameworks to not only design for, but co-design with animal usees.